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CT Scanners (previously referred to as 'CAT' scanners) have grown to be one of the single most critical radiology devices for imaging patients. They're in the X-ray department, they're in the emergency room (E.R.), they're in cardiac units, and, increasingly, they're in operating rooms (O.R.).

But these million-dollar devices aren't toasters… to get the most out of them they need to be carefully sited and have suites planned for their specific use. The needs of an outpatient imaging center are very different from those of a trauma center, so why use the same copy-and-paste CT suite template? Contact CT-Planning for our expert architectural design services:

Masterplanning your suite
Working through layouts for throughput and efficiency
High-quality blueprints for your contractor to provide accurate pricing and scheduling
Experienced construction observation to help spot concerns before they're buried in concrete

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