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When you look at the portfolio of many 'healthcare' architects, what do you see? Lots of surgical suites, patient bed-towers, and emergency rooms. Why? Because those are the 'sexy', high-profile parts of the hospital. It's what they're after. Not that they'll turn their noses up at a radiology suite, but radiology is not where their passion and expertise lie.

We focus on radiology, with an expertise in CT suites. We've built our reputation and our name on that, whether it's high-volume outpatient cardiac, or radiation therapy simulation, or even PET / CT or SPECT hybrids, our firm wrote the book on CT suite design (seriously, the VA's Radiology Design Guide… we were subject experts).

So if you're looking for designers, or design consulting, or construction review, or even a legal expert on CT suites, your search ends here, with our team.




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