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We've all been there, at that moment when you realize that a project is headed for a schedule- or budget-busting end. Sometimes it's all beyond your control, but usually there are options to whip it into shape and improve the outcome. Screaming and pleading are equally effective, which is to say not at all. What these projects need - and need in a hurry - are solutions.

We're not quite CT project commandos, but we can often help point projects more towards their intended goals. Our extensive project experience has provided us with skills to help us push beyond obstacles and get to unseen, or even 'impossible' solutions.

When clinical care, project budgets, referring physicians, equipment delivery, or follow-on projects depend on the completion of your CT project, call on CT-Planning for quick response expertise on facility planning, design and construction. Of course, you don't have to wait until you're in the thick of it before you call us...




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